Additional instructions for generating camera-ready submissions using the LaTeX template

Dear authors,

ACM is currently working on a new version of their LaTeX templates for SIG Proceedings. As these templates have not yet been finalized, you will need to take a few extra steps to ensure that your paper adheres to the ACM formatting guidelines and has a professional appearance.

These instructions assume that you have already created your submission based on the current ACM SIG templates available here.

1. In the preamble, i.e. just before the line \begin{document}, add the following command:

\usepackage{mathptmx} % use Times font

2. Just after the line \begin{document}, add the following commands:

\renewcommand{\footnotesize}{\small} % set footnote font size to match leading
\sloppy % avoid text running into the margin

Note that, as \sloppy avoids overfilling a line, it will underfill if there is no better option. You should check for lines with excessive spaces between words and rephrase them if possible.

3. Recompile your submission again and check for any problems. In particular, please ensure that no heading is placed at the bottom of a column or page; there must be at least two lines of body text following any heading, preferably more. Please see the example below.

If necessary, please edit the content as necessary (e.g. by resizing or reordering images) so that no heading is placed at the bottom of a column.


4. Don’t forget to follow the remaining instructions from Sheridan Printing. In particular, make sure the columns are balanced on the last page. See here.

If you have any difficulties following these instructions, please contact the Program Chair. We will try and help you find a solution.